Late To Wait (CD)

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CD - Late To Wait

Get the debut album on the Compact Disc version.

Losing All My Time (ISRC:TC-ADW-18-65116)
Just Don't Take So Long (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65118)
Portrait Of Misunderstanding (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65120)
Many Times (ISRC:TC-ADW-18-65121)
Dream Machine (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65123)
Burst Into Flame (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65128)
Desert (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65129)
Clad In Black (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65131)
She Flies (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65133
Takky (ISRC: TC-ADW-18-65136)

All songs written by Ruben Campo.
Recorded and produced by Jordi Casadesús.
Mixed by Quim Puigtió "Kato".
Mastered by Victor Garcia at Ultramarinos.
Photography by Ibai Acevedo.
Artwork by Victor Riba.

© 2018, Ruben Campo Moya.
All rights reserved.
Album UPC/EAN Code: 859728 817090

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